We can find a solution to each failure for every customer


EV's Republic is a 3rd party electric vehicle service center specializing in Tesla maintenance and repair, as well as a community that holds events and gatherings for Tesla owners.

We speak several languages — including the programming language. We can find solution to each failure for each customer.

Our Story & Founders

The world of electric cars turned out to be not just a new trend, but a real revolution in the automotive industry. This represents not only an environmentally cleaner future, but also a challenge for those who are ready to be at the forefront of innovation. EV’s Republic, a company that immediately after its foundation declared itself as an important player in the electric car market in the United States, was closely involved in this journey. The past path, starting from the foundation and up to the present day, vividly demonstrates why EV’s Republic is considered an innovative and promising startup ready to change the game in the electric vehicle industry.

This startup was founded by brave and dedicated people — Serhiy Kushnir & Ilja Voitins. Their journey, which began with a unique idea, has grown into a successful business, remaining the embodiment of ambition and the desire for continuous development.



We believe that mutual respect and understanding is the key to a healthy and long-term relationship.


Our services are not inexpensive, but our main goal is to find an engineering solution that will ultimately save you time and money in the long term.


We know time is the most valuable resource, so we strive to return the car back to you on the same day.