Here, we've compiled answers to commonly asked questions about our services to provide you with quick and comprehensive solutions.

General FAQ's

Hours of operation
How fast can I get serviced?
Do you provide loaner cars?

Service FAQ's

Is there a drive unit service?
Is there a coolant service available?
How much for brake service?
How much does it cost to replace the battery? And what kind of warranty?
How much is a soft balance and what is it?
How much does it cost to repair the battery and what warranty does it have?
Tesla quoted me a Drive Unit, what are my options?
Tesla quoted me a battery, is that my only option?
How much is the diagnosis?

HV Battery  FAQ's

Do I lose my ability to use Teslas Supercharger?
Does getting my battery repaired or replaced void my tesla warranty?
What range can I expect from a replacement or repair?
How long does HV battery service take?
Do your batteries have an extended warranty?
How much does it cost to repair the HV battery?
How much does it cost to replace the HV battery?
How much does it cost to upgrade the HV battery?

Collision Center FAQ's

Do I need to pay anything when I drop my car?
Do I have the right to select the shop that will repair my car?
Is the estimate free?
Are you Tesla certified?
Do you offer transportation services?
Do you use OEM parts?
Do you offer loaner cars?
Are the repairs guaranteed?
How long will it take to get my car fixed?

Warranty FAQ's

How do I keep track of how much warranty I have left?
Can I pause or quit my warranty policy?
Can I transfer my Policy to someone else?
How are repair claims paid?
Who will perform the repair on my Tesla if a claim is made?
Can I make a claim as soon as EV's Warranty is Purchased?
I still have a factory warranty w/ Tesla, Is there any advantage to getting a secondary extended warranty with EV's Warranty?
What is covered by EV's Warranty?
Am I qualified to purchase EV's Warranty?