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Inside Tesla’s Groundbreaking Engineering

Tesla's engineering marvel isn't just about speed or luxury—it's an intricate ballet of technology, design, and forward-thinking. As we've explored the heart and soul of these electric beasts, it becomes evident that the genius of Tesla lies as much in its unseen components as its visible allure. At EVs Republic, we pride ourselves on understanding this anatomy, ensuring your Tesla receives the care and expertise it deserves.
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Which Tesla Model is Right for You? Find Out Here

From the sleek and powerful Model S to the versatile Model 3 and the futuristic Model X and Model Y, there's a Tesla model to match every individual's needs and desires. At EV’s Republic we understand that choosing the right Tesla model is a big decision.
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5 Reasons to get a digital license plate for your Tesla

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your driving experience and stay ahead of the curve with Digital License Plates
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5 Reasons to retrofit your Tesla with the new Matrix headlights

Elevate Your Tesla Experience: Unveiling the Benefits of Retrofitted Matrix LED Headlights
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Myths about 3rd party Tesla repair centers

There are common misconceptions about third-party Tesla repairs. Some believe it voids your Teslas warranty, and others believe that 3rd party repair centers lack the expertise needed to repair their Tesla. However, reputable Tesla repair shops like EVs Republic offers qualified technicians, genuine OEM parts, advanced diagnostics, software updates, and competitive pricing.
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Our top tips on how to maximize your Tesla’s battery life

Tesla battery repairs and replacements can be very costly, but are often preventable with preemptive measures.
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Top 3 Tesla Battery Failure Causes and Insights

In this article we’re going to go over the most common symptoms and errors that may appear in your Tesla when your battery begins to fail. Please keep in mind that in some rare cases you may receive one of these errors and it will not be related to your battery. This is why we always recommend getting a diagnostics from one of our skilled technicians.
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The Future of 3rd-Party Tesla Service Providers

As Tesla continues to grow, the question arises: what is the future of third party service providers for Tesla? If you want to understand the future of third party service providers for Tesla, it’d be wise to first understand the company's stance on the matter.

What affects the lifespan of a Tesla high-voltage battery?

While factors like the weather and your driving style affect the performance of your Tesla high-voltage battery, negligence to caution and directives can easily affect the battery's lifespan. Looking to get the most out of your Tesla high-voltage battery? Read on to know what affects its lifespan.

Principles of operation, advantages and nuances of the Tesla autopilot

Tesla vehicles come as standard vehicles with premium hardware that offers Autopilot features and self-driving capabilities via software updates made to enhance functionality over time.

Problems people face when buying a used Tesla manufactured before 2016

You're at the right place if you want to buy or know more about Tesla's used models. There's no doubt that they're still good buys.