Top 3 Tesla Battery Failure Causes and Insights

Top 3 Tesla Battery Failure Causes and Insights
In this article we’re going to go over the most common symptoms and errors that may appear in your Tesla when your battery begins to fail. Please keep in mind that in some rare cases you may receive one of these errors and it will not be related to your battery. This is why we always recommend getting a diagnostics from one of our skilled technicians.

Now let's go over the 3 errors that are most commonly associated with battery failure in Teslas.

1. Maximum battery charge level reduced - BMS-U029

On the small screen, you will see an error message indicating a reduction in the maximum battery charge level, while on the center screen in the error menu, it will be identified by the code BMS-U029. This error signifies the presence of a definite problem, with high likelihood (95%) attributed to a malfunction in the high-voltage battery, and only a small chance (5%) that it could be caused by another factor. As a result of this error, your vehicle is unlikely to reach a full 100% charge. There are instances where the display may indicate a complete charge, but in reality, the battery would have only been charged halfway. Additionally, your car may experience rapid charging and discharging cycles, resembling a decline in battery capacity.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, this issue cannot resolve itself and necessitates immediate attention from professionals. Delayed repairs can potentially lead to further damages.

2. Maximum battery charge level reduced - BMS- U018

The error message "Maximum battery charge level reduced" will be displayed on both the small and central screens, accompanied by the code BMS-U018 in the error menu. This error indicates an imbalance within the battery, meaning that one or more battery bricks have either lower or higher capacities than they should. To resolve this issue, a battery diagnosis is required to identify the faulty bricks, which will then need to be replaced. Our service typically completes this procedure within 2-3 days. We offer a warranty of 6 months or 20,000 miles for battery repairs, providing assurance for the quality of the service.

3. BMS-W164 

This error is a companion of error BMS-U018. Both of these errors indicate a battery imbalance.This error is most associated with imbalanced power within the battery which could ultimately lead to total battery failure.

Receiving any of these error codes is definitely not something anyone wants to experience. However if you do receive one of these codes it’s wise to be prepared in advance with what your next steps should be.

What should you do if you receive one of these codes?

The best course of action is to contact a service provider as soon as possible. If the vehicle is still driveable when you receive these errors it would be very wise to use the vehicle to drive to a service center. The longer the errors persist the more likely it is that the car will become immobilized which entail unjustified towing service costs If you encounter any of these error codes, please contact us to schedule a plug-in diagnostic for your vehicle. Our diagnostic service is available at a price of $250 and is the most effective solution for identifying the root cause of the failure.

Ilja Voitins

Ilja Voitins

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