Our Story & Founders

The world of electric cars turned out to be not just a new trend, but a real revolution in the automotive industry. This represents not only an environmentally cleaner future, but also a challenge for those who are ready to be at the forefront of innovation. EV’s Republic, a company that immediately after its foundation declared itself as an important player in the electric car market in the United States, was closely involved in this journey. The past path, starting from the foundation and up to the present day, vividly demonstrates why EV’s Republic is considered an innovative and promising startup ready to change the game in the electric vehicle industry.

This startup was founded by brave and dedicated people — Serhiy Kushnir & Ilja Voitins. Their journey, which began with a unique idea, has grown into a successful business, remaining the embodiment of ambition and the desire for continuous development.

From the very beginning of its history, EV’s Republic has become a shining example of how to find truly unique ideas. At the time of its foundation, no company in the United States was engaged in the repair and restoration of Tesla cars. It was a vacant niche that the company immediately occupied, entering the market with a new look at the maintenance of electric cars. This ambitious step made EV’s Republic a pioneer in the field of electric car maintenance in the USA.

Meet founders — Serhiy Kushnir

Serhiy Kushnir

Serhiy visited the USA for the first time in 2015. His initial goals were to travel around the United States, as well as to help his parents, who had emigrated the day before, in organizing life in new conditions. 

Initially, the idea of moving to the USA was not in the plans. After all, at that time in Ukraine Serhiy owned a travel agency, one of the top ten agencies in Ukraine. But thanks to his wife, the idea arose to stay in the United States for permanent residence. This decisive step was a challenge for Serhiy, but also a wonderful opportunity to reconsider his plans and keep up with the changes.

For 6 months, Serhiy transferred business to his partners in Ukraine and focused on analyzing the American market, delved into the study of money niches with a potentially low level of competition. His intelligence and talent for finding unexplored opportunities became his secret weapon.

And then, in 2016, in the process of a thorough analysis of the market, Serhiy discovered a gold mine – the niche of electric vehicles. This area was a small oasis for innovation, where he discovered a small number of companies that were engaged in the repair and restoration of Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf cars. It was like a new challenge that pushed Serhiy to create a new business project.

After a thorough study of the electric car niche, Serhiy decided to share his knowledge and experience with others. He prepared a detailed article in which he revealed various varieties of electric vehicles, as well as highlighted all the subtleties and nuances associated with this new technology. With the help of bloggers and influencers in Ukraine, Serhiy distributed his article, which caused a huge response and interested a lot of people.

Soon Serhiy began receiving the first orders for the purchase and delivery of electric vehicles to Ukraine. This enthusiastic response was a confirmation that his knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit had found fruitful application. Thus began a new chapter in his entrepreneurial career related to innovative automotive solutions. And as never before, he realized the importance of his decision to stay in the United States. The new niche allowed him to understand that he was on the right track, and he had a unique opportunity to create a unique and promising startup.

At that time, no company in the United States was engaged in the repair and restoration of Tesla cars. This vacant niche attracted Serhiy’s attention, because he understood that this was a unique opportunity that no one could take advantage of, since no one had the skills to work with these cars. The difficulties of working with these high–tech machines are like a special quest, where the skills of handling programs and high-voltage batteries become the key to success. Tesla is not just a car, it is a kind of technological artifact that requires a special approach.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Tesla operating system is written in a programming language also used in IOS – Linux. This adds another layer of complexity and requires a deep understanding of programming. Serhiy accepted this challenge with an open mind, and when he faced problems, he perceived them as a chance for personal and professional growth. Thus, from that moment it became clear in which direction to move. 

In 2017, Serhiy decided to buy the first Tesla model at an auction in order to conduct testing. The beginning of his journey into the world of electric vehicles turned out to be far from smooth, and he faced difficult challenges. Facing many difficulties, he realized that he had a chance to overcome them and gain experience and knowledge. 

It was these obstacles in Serhiy’s way that served as the beginning of the creation of the IT department, which was designed to develop methods for diagnosing Tesla cars and engage in programming. At that time, Tesla did not provide any tools to solve these problems, so we had to look for ways to develop our own solutions. This step has become not only logical, but also necessary for further development.

Several years have passed, and by 2021 Serhiy had already successfully organized the supply of spare parts in bulk and regularly delivered dozens of Tesla cars to Ukraine monthly. In his perseverance and desire for development, he began actively thinking about creating his own service for the repair and maintenance of Tesla electric vehicles in the American market. The constant requests and demands of Tesla owners, as well as the specifics of the work of Tesla, indicated a significant need for such a service. 

However, the questions have become deep and complex. At that time, Serhiy had not yet seen a clear strategy for the implementation of this project. He faced questions: how to properly promote a product to the market, how to develop and implement effective business processes, how to organize a marketing strategy and how to assemble qualified personnel. It was a critical point when it became clear that a new look and approach was needed.

An important event in Serhiy’s life happened when he met Ilja. It was not just a chance meeting, but a real semantic turning point. Ilja was the person who brought with him not only knowledge and experience, but also a clear vision of how to turn ambitious plans into reality. This casual acquaintance became an important key to the next stage in Serhiy’s life and career.

Meet founders — Ilja Voitins

Ilja Voitins

Ilja plunged into the world of sales and marketing from the very beginning of his career in 2003, striving to actively develop in this field. His initial area of interest was related to the auto industry, where he started his journey. Ilja’s experience covered not only working as a salesman in a car service, but also the organization of the entire process in a car service, including an important aspect of marketing.

In 2015, Ilja decided to found his own marketing company, which was engaged in supporting car service owners in attracting new customers. The agency’s activities were not limited to Internet advertising. It provided a comprehensive solution, including the creation and support of databases, the development of sales strategies for corporate clients, the implementation of customer relationship management systems (CRM), as well as the selection and training of personnel.

Fate has led to an event that cannot be called anything but a happy coincidence. In 2019, Serhiy’s wife, who runs her business in the USA, turned to Ilja’s agency for help in the field of digital marketing. Successful cooperation smoothly flowed into friendly relations, where the exchange of experience and ideas became commonplace.

This meeting with Serhiy’s wife led to an unexpected prospect. She invited Ilja and his wife to visit California to share their experience. And although the epidemic temporarily prevented this plan, two years later, in 2021, the trip still took place. This trip turned out to be a key event in the fate of Ilja and Serhiy.

The meeting of two entrepreneurs capable of complementing each other took place at the very moment when both were ready for a new stage in their careers. Ilja’s meeting with Serhiy led to the beginning of an even more exciting and successful chapter in the lives of both, combining their professional skills and aspirations.

Approaching this time, Ilja’s marketing agency has become a real forge of experience in launching and promoting businesses from various fields. But despite the variety of tasks, the auto industry remained especially interesting for Ilja. This was the niche from which his journey began, and it always retained a special attractive shade.

Project launch

When Serhiy shared his idea with Ilja, the latter immediately understood how to act. Efficient and fast. After all, Serhiy used the services of Ilja’s agency to package a new brand and its successful entry into the US market. Thus began the epic of creating a new brand, which began in 2022.

However, it was not easy even for an experienced agency to create a strategy for the development of a unique product, which was Serhiy’s idea. However, as Serhiy himself says, it was Ilja’s personal experience that played an important role in the successful implementation of this project. The whole process, from development to launch, took almost six months.

Ilja shares his opinion: “It was really an incredibly difficult project. There was very little information about the repair and maintenance of Tesla cars, and we had to create everything from scratch. All the content was unique and designed specifically for this project. For me, it was the most difficult challenge in my practice.”

In addition to brand development and website creation, the whole process involved many stages. A complex process of hiring qualified personnel was carried out, a motivation system for employees was developed, the necessary software was implemented, and, of course, online and offline advertising campaigns were created and launched. This project became a kind of lesson that allowed Ilja and his team to be creative, adapt to new conditions and cope with difficult tasks.

These steps allowed the EV’s Republic startup to immediately attract attention, and once on the market, it became the only company in the United States specializing in this niche. The startup was notable for the fact that it combined the experience and professionalism of Ilja’s agency with Serhiy’s ambitions and knowledge in the field of Tesla service.

The project finally got an official start in March, 2022. The response to the urgent needs of the market has given speed and significance to its growth. At the time of the company’s founding, no other company in the United States was engaged in the repair and restoration of Tesla cars. It was this lack of competitors that allowed EV’s Republic to enter the market with a clean slate and become pioneers in the field of electric vehicle maintenance. Being in the right place at the right time, EV’s Republic immediately became the center of attention. The effective services offered by the company proved to be in demand in the community of Tesla car owners. This positive response was supported by the support of official Tesla clubs. The company demonstrated excellent customer service, which allowed it to form a high reputation and gain the trust and respect of customers. The recognition and respect that EV’s Republic has received from the Tesla owner community underscores its importance and importance in the market. Thanks to its unique specialization and unsurpassed quality of services provided, the company has set a new standard in the electric vehicle industry.

With the arrival of numerous clients and a successful start, Serhiy realized that for long-term success and development he would need Ilja’s support. Mutual understanding and professional interaction were so effective that Serhiy invited Ilja to become a co-owner of the project, realizing that they still have many tasks ahead of them.

Today Serhiy and Ilja form a partnership tandem working together on the development of the national franchise. They are actively engaged in the creation of the main hub for the supply of spare parts and IT solutions for franchisees. EV’s Republic is a promising startup that has gone beyond ordinary businesses, enriching the service sector of electric vehicles. The company continues to provide services for the export of auto parts and high-voltage batteries, and also expands the range with extended warranty services for Tesla cars. The creation of its own PowerWall system based on Tesla batteries is developing. The company owns its own Tesla car assembly and dealership, where there are more than 50 cars for sale. New sales records are set monthly, while the exclusivity of the product and the growing demand only strengthen the company’s ambitions. The organic growth in demand is supported by the aging of previously released Tesla cars, the dynamic growth in sales of new electric vehicles and global initiatives in the field of “green” technology.

The history of EV’s Republic is an inspiration for everyone who strives to create something unique and meaningful. From humble beginnings to the status of a leader in the electric vehicle market in the USA, Serhiy and Ilja have demonstrated how unconventional ideas, passion for innovation and a steady pursuit of excellence can lead to impressive results.

EV’s Republic not only opened new horizons in the electric car industry, but also became an example of successful realization of ambitions and dreams. Their journey from pioneers struggling with difficulties to respected partners and innovators is a story about how determination, diligence and collective effort can change the world.

Today EV’s Republic continues to shine like a bright star in the automotive sky, providing electric car owners not only with high-quality services, but also unique solutions that make the use of electric vehicles more affordable and convenient. Their research, innovation and dedication to customers allow us to say with confidence that EV’s Republic is not just a company, it is an example of how revolutionary ideas can transform the world and inspire change.

In the seething sea of modern business, EV’s Republic has become an oasis of innovation, where passion and dedication to values have led to unprecedented success. This is the story of two founders whose inspiration and hard work remain a precious contribution to the development of the automotive industry and society as a whole.