Maximize your Teslas life, download and use the same exact Tesla checklist we use to service our customers.

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Why Must Every Tesla Owner Have This Checklist?

EV's Republic cares about your Tesla and your wallet, so we offering you our comprehensive service checklist - your personal guide to all the service your Tesla requires.

Our service checklist is used by our own Tesla technicians and is an excellent resource for managing and planning your vehicles service appointments. Pre-check your vehicle, identifying potential problems, and keep your Tesla driving.
  • Save on repairs: Prevent serious breakdowns by identifying them at an early stage.
  • Ensure Safety: Make sure all of your Tesla's systems are working properly.
  • Maintain Efficiency: Monitor the condition of key components to maintain optimal performance.
  • EV's Republic has over 30+ years of combined Tesla experience.
Don't miss your chance to avoid expensive repairs and keep your Tesla in great shape.
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EV’s Republic

EV's Republic is a 3rd party electric vehicle service center specializing in Tesla maintenance and repair, as well as a community that holds events and gatherings for Tesla owners.

We speak several languages — including the programming language. We can find solution to each failure for each customer.