Tesla Model S Exterior Repair & Care

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work
From $350

Door handle repair & replacement

Tesla Model S door handles consist of many fragile components and may abruptly stop working. Diagnostics will help ascertain the malfunction and decide whether to repair or replace the handle.
Door Handle Repair Consulting - Model S | EV's Republic
From $300

Window regulator repair & replacement

If you hear a sound like clicking when you open and close the window, this is a signal that the window regulator mechanism has worn out and will soon stop working completely. We advise you to swiftly repair or change the mechanism as soon as you hear the sound. Else, the mechanism will break down anytime.
Tesla Model S Window Regulator Repair and Replacement
From $300

Panel gap adjustment & window calibration

If you are not satisfied with the gaps between the body parts of your Tesla or you hear air blowing at high speed into the side windows, our service specialists will help you solve these issues. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we will help you perfectly adjust your motor's window and body parts.
Model S Panel Gap & Window Calibration | EV's Republic
From $300

Headlight & taillight replacement

Several reasons can make it imperative to replace the headlights and taillights. The most common reasons include Diode burnout, day driving light burnout, moisture entering the headlights and tail lights, physical damage, or headlight multifunction. Our uniquely qualified specialists will help you make effective and high-quality headlight and taillights replacements.
Model S Headlight & Taillight Service | EV's Republic

How can we help you deliver your car to us?

Every week, cars from different cities and states are sent to us for repairs. EV’s Republic is part of Central Dispatch, a service that manages hundreds of automotive transporters all over North America.  The members are all licensed, insured, and bonded transporters, skilled in auto transport. 

We are equipped with enclosed transport, and more common open transport is available.  We provide bids for the vehicle owner to review and handle payment, coordination, and scheduling, for a seamless customer experience.