Tesla Model X HV Battery Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work
$250 - $500

Battery diagnostics

Based on experience, people often come to us with false diagnoses. So, before commencing work, we diagnose batteries on various parameters to ascertain that they really need to be replaced and repaired. An accurate diagnosis helps avoid unnecessary costs and time wastage.
$4500 - $7500

Battery repair

The main problem of battery failure is the failure of one or more modules. To repair the battery, it is most often necessary to just replace them. The most important thing when replacing a module is to balance the new module with the old ones. Otherwise, the battery may ignite. When assembling the battery, it is necessary to properly connect the cooling system and close the sealed cover in a quality manner so that moisture does not get into the battery. Battery repair price varies depending on the type of modules and their number.
$1200 (LABOR ONLY)

Battery replacement

To remove a 1200 lb battery pack from a Tesla Model X, it requires a car lift with specialized, high-end equipment and a movable battery table that can handle the weight. For effective service delivery, this operation should be done by uniquely trained technicians with vast industry experience, like ours. When inexperienced personnel are engaged, they can break the connectors, in which case you will consequently need to replace the wires of the high-voltage system of the entire car, and this significantly increases the cost of the process.
$1500 (LABOR ONLY)

Battery upgrade

In the event a battery replacement or repair is unavoidable, our customers often prefer to choose a battery upgrade option, which makes it possible to increase the range a car can drive on a single charge while simultaneously installing a newer battery with lower mileage. While many of our updates are caused by battery failure, it's worth noting that it's not necessary to wait for battery failure to upgrade your battery. Please be advised that our prices do not include the cost of parts.
Tesla Model X Battery Upgrade | EV's Republic

How can we help you deliver your car to us?

Every week, cars from different cities and states are sent to us for repairs. EV’s Republic is part of Central Dispatch, a service that manages hundreds of automotive transporters all over North America.  The members are all licensed, insured, and bonded transporters, skilled in auto transport. 

We are equipped with enclosed transport, and more common open transport is available.  We provide bids for the vehicle owner to review and handle payment, coordination, and scheduling, for a seamless customer experience.