Tesla Model X HVAC Repair - Heating, Ventilation & AC Services

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work


Identification of any breakdown associated with a car HVAC system begins with a general diagnosis of related systems. In most cases, diagnostics do not indicate the exact cause of the problem but show the direction in which to look for the issue. Initial diagnostics is a mandatory procedure when solving problems with HVAC systems.

AC system recharge

A normal air conditioning system in good condition loses an average of 25-100g of refrigerant per year through small leaks and porosity of the system elements. This suggests that if the system has not been switched on for a certain time, then the refrigerant level can drop significantly even if the air conditioning system is in good condition as a whole. This will consequently affect the efficiency of the entire system. So, it is necessary to recharge the system with freon every year before the start of the summer season.

AC compressor replacement

When your air conditioner is switched on, if you perceive a burning smell or hear unusual noises or the performance of the system reduces, these may indicate problems with the compressor. In most cases, problems with the AC compressor are associated with poor system maintenance. Also, natural wear of mechanical parts can cause serious defects. You may need to change your AC Compressor when it develops defects and we can help you do this.

Cabin air filter replacement

Generally, air filters should be replaced every 15,000-30,000 miles. Also, you should change the air filter when you notice certain signs, such as reduced airflow when climate control systems are on, lingering unpleasant odors, increasing dust settling on vehicle surfaces.
From $350

Louvers check, repair and replacement

Louvers are important components of air conditioning systems and help in cooling high-voltage batteries. If the louvers fail or break down, this can cause the high-voltage battery to overheat, which will in turn cause the battery to fail. So, we advise you to always monitor the performance of the louvers and timeously fix any breakdown.
From $350

Cabin heater troubleshooting

Although there are several reasons why the cabin heater may stop working, the most common reasons are problems with the wiring (short circuit) or technical breakdowns of the cabin heater itself. When the cabin heater breaks down, it simply needs to be replaced with another one.

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