Tesla Model X Suspension, Brakes & Steering Services

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work


Complete diagnostics of the car chassis include checking ball joints, stabilizer struts, shock absorbers, hydraulic struts, springs, and air suspension. It also includes checking silent blocks, control arms, joint boots, seal rings, condition of tires, brake discs, and brake pads.

Elimination of crackling when turning the steering wheel

If you hear a cacophonous clicking sound when you turn the steering wheel, there is a tendency that your car has a suspension problem. Most Tesla users do not know about this issue and how to fix it. However, our specialists will help you solve this problem and you will enjoy your car with no crackling
From $350

Brake system repair & maintenance

Due to the regenerative braking system, the Tesla brake system needs less frequent servicing than the brake system of conventional cars. Notwithstanding, you need to change the brake fluid for every 50,000 miles covered. Also, the brake discs and brake pads should be changed every 120,000 miles or when they are visibly worn.
From $200

Suspension repair & replacement

When the suspension is worn, it affects other components of the car. So, it is important to timeously repair the suspension whenever you notice any defect. We recommend that you undergo annual maintenance and pay careful attention to the first signs of possible malfunctions.

Subframe replacement

Tesla subframes are a pretty vulnerable node. Legally, you cannot repair the subframe, you can only replace it. We can perfectly help you replace your Tesla's subframe. The subframe is not included in the price.
From $200

TPMS fault resolving

There are multifarious reasons why the TPMS malfunction light may display on the instrument cluster. For example, this may be due to problems with electrical wirings, seniors, etc. Computer diagnostics do not always accurately ascertain the problem but helps indicate the problem node. Our service technicians will employ their robust experience, latest tools and practices to detect the specific problem and fix it.

Rear tire wear resolving

Rear tire wear is a prevalent problem among Tesla cars. The common causes of tire wear are improper inflation pressure and out-of-spec alignment conditions. We will help you get rid of this problem by employing appropriate solutions, such as installing improved arms from aftermarket manufacturers and making an alignment. Parts are not included in the price.

How can we help you deliver your car to us?

Every week, cars from different cities and states are sent to us for repairs. EV’s Republic is part of Central Dispatch, a service that manages hundreds of automotive transporters all over North America.  The members are all licensed, insured, and bonded transporters, skilled in auto transport. 

We are equipped with enclosed transport, and more common open transport is available.  We provide bids for the vehicle owner to review and handle payment, coordination, and scheduling, for a seamless customer experience.