Tesla Model Y Charging System Troubleshooting & Repair

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work


Identification of any breakdown associated with car charging begins with a general diagnosis of related systems. In most cases, diagnostics do not indicate the exact cause of the problem but show the direction in which to look for the issue. Initial diagnostics is a mandatory procedure when solving problems with charging.
FROM $600

Supercharge troubleshooting

There are various reasons why your Tesla is unable to charge on supercharge. Basically, all the reasons are largely related to malfunctions in the high-voltage system. To ascertain the exact cause of the problem, you need to conduct a holistic diagnosis of the high-voltage system.
FROM $400

Charge port red light troubleshooting

If the charge port light turns red while charging, a fault is detected. Check the instrument panel or touchscreen for an alert describing the fault. A fault can occur due to something as common as a power outage and more different reasons. To identify the exact cause of the problem, it is necessary to make a diagnosis.

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