Tesla Model Y Drive Unit Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of Tesla vehicles including programming work
$250 - $500


In the case of a motor failure on a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the most common problem is a malfunction of the inventor. If you have this breakdown, then the car will no longer drive. Sometimes there are mechanical defects after an accident, but usually you will hear noises coming from the drive unit. Before replacing or repairing the motor, we advise you to make a diagnosis.
Model Y Drive Unit Issues? Diagnose at EV's Republic
$1200 - $1500

Drive unit repair, replacement & programming

In some cases, due to poor maintenance, Tesla owners may put the motor in a critical state such that the only solution to fix the problem is to replace the entire drive unit. After replacing the drive unit, it is also imperative to program it and do the alignment. We have the infrastructure and resources to handle these. Please note price doesn't include parts.
Drive Unit Consultation - Tesla Model Y | EV's Republic

Reduction gear oil flush

Many Tesla owners erroneously think they don't need to change the motor's oil and oil filters. This is not true. The oil in the motor gearbox needs to be changed regularly. We recommend changing the oil every 50,000 miles. Else, if you don't change the gear oil frequently, it will cause friction and grinding of gear components, consequently resulting in unnecessary wear and costly repairs.
Gear Oil Change for Your Tesla Model Y at EV's Republic

Drive Unit Preventative Care

One of The most common causes of drive unit failure is due to corrosion caused by coolant exposure. The best way to handle these issues is to stop them from ever happening with preventative care. Our drive unit preventative care service includes: Rotor seal replacement, Bearing replacement and Fluid flush. All Drive Unit Preventative Care comes with a 2 year or 20,000 mile warranty to guarantee our work (does not include reduction gear).
Consult EV's Republic for Model Y Drive Unit Preventative Care

How can we help you deliver your car to us?

Every week, cars from different cities and states are sent to us for repairs. EV’s Republic is part of Central Dispatch, a service that manages hundreds of automotive transporters all over North America.  The members are all licensed, insured, and bonded transporters, skilled in auto transport. 

We are equipped with enclosed transport, and more common open transport is available.  We provide bids for the vehicle owner to review and handle payment, coordination, and scheduling, for a seamless customer experience.